Lucy White, Editor, Cara Magazine

Culture vulture and travel writer Lucy has been been firmly ensconced in Irish publishing since 2007, after working for lifestyle magazines and newspapers in Manchester, Bangkok and Dubai. Her inherent wanderlust is perfectly suited to Cara magazine, an adventure that she began as its deputy in early 2013 before gaining her editorship wings in 2016.

You’ll find me...

Packing... Bose noise cancellation headphones, Trinny London stackable make-up, a Kindle, sunscreen, Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 (30ml), a pocket notebook, ear plugs, and a silk eye mask.

Reading... oftentimes 1920s/1930s-set biographies and historical fiction or 1990s music memoirs.

Persisting with... applying for Irish citizenship after 12 years in Dublin.

Eating... Yorkshire puddings, crumpets, pies, egg custard tarts. Hmmm, maybe I’m too English for naturalisation after all…