Rachael Gallivan, Chief Operating Officer

Rachael has 8 years experience in the industry, working with globally renowned brands such as Google, Dell and Sky to name but a few. Not content with mastering the creative agency landscape, she expanded her skillset to digital agency territory and now has a rounded understanding to best place her as our Head of Branded Content.  Rachael leads a team of creative thinking masterminds who deliver on exceptional 360 partnership campaigns. Always keen to "surprise and delight" she ensures client expectations are hit and exceeded.

You’ll find me…

Smiling... always, if I'm not it must be BAD!

Scrolling... endlessly on Instagram getting style inspiration and planning my next adventure in far off lands. 

Hanging with… Friends and Family. I'm a serial calendar double booker but only because I want to spend time with everyone!

Listening to… R&B & Latin - anything my Irish genes shouldn't be in to.